I am a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City with an expertise in human-centered design, strategic planning, product design, data visualization and digital/print design. Also knowledgeable in web and UX design.

I am a recent graduate of the Design for Social Innovation MFA program at the School of Visual Arts where I developed an expertise in using design to understand and tackle complex social problems. I currently co-teach a class called Design for Good at the School of Visual Arts in the BFA department.

I also serve as an advisory board member for the Institute for Public Architecture in NY, where I help curating the programs and design communication strategies. 

Prior to this, I co-founded a sustainable design studio based in Mexico City called Suhab.

My Approach to Design.

Design isn't just about making things pretty. Design is about solving human needs. But human needs are complex and designers often create solutions before deeply understanding the intricacies of problems. I believe great design can only emerge from dedication to solving a problem, rather than blindly creating biased solutions. These problems can only be solved if you consider the larger system in which they exist, making the invisible visible. Design looks at how each part of the system interacts so that you can create meaningful and concrete solutions with long-term value.